Climate Sentinels 3-Pack (€84,95/bottle) - Free Shipping
Climate Sentinels 3-Pack (€84,95/bottle) - Free Shipping
Climate Sentinels 3-Pack (€84,95/bottle) - Free Shipping
Climate Sentinels 3-Pack (€84,95/bottle) - Free Shipping
Climate Sentinels 3-Pack (€84,95/bottle) - Free Shipping

Climate Sentinels 3-Pack (€84,95/bottle) - Free Shipping

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One each of our current 3 distinctive bottles, supporting the Climate Sentinels arctic research project.

  • The original white-label Isfjorden Edition 2 bottle.
  • Our limited edition Blue Ice deep blue label bottle. Our crew on the expedition ship M/S Origo gathered icebergs from the seas in front of Svalbard's dazzling blue Wahlenbergbreen glacier at 78° north.
  • One frost blue label Blue Ice Edition bottle from the same journey.

Free shipping globally via DHL’s Go Green Carbon Neutral service is included. In addition, with every Blue Ice Edition bottle purchased, €5 will be donated to support the April 2021 Climate Sentinels research expedition across Svalbard. Five female scientists and explorers will undertake a 450km carbon neutral ski journey. They will collect snow and ice samples along the way to better understand the role of Black Carbon pollution in arctic melting.

As a supporter of the expedition, you will have access to face-to-face Zoom discussions where expedition members will show and tell more about their mission and take questions. A pre-expedition Zoom discussion will take place in March and the post-expedition is tentatively expected to be in late-May. Read more here and at for details on the project including team member and glaciologist Heïdi Sevestre who is also Svalbarði's environmental advisor.

Dazzling Blue Ice

Svalbarði's latest ice gathering expedition took us to the bay in front of Wahlenbergbreen, a glacier at 78° north that has surged forward in recent years. Svalbarði environmental advisor Heïdi Sevestre is a glaciologist who spent years studying "Big Wally" in the field to determine how and why it moves.

As it surges, deep crevasses naturally open on the surface which, upon reaching the sea, cause steady calving of icebergs into the water. The specifics of the local geology, ice movement, and rich seas mean the ice both onshore and offshore takes on a dazzling array of blue shades.

This special Blue Ice Edition of Svalbarði celebrates the colours of Wahlenbergbreen and the work of Heïdi and all the glaciologists and scientists in Svalbard. Their work is vital to helping us understand how climate change is impacting the Arctic and how we can fight it.

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World's northernmost bottled water

Sourced from the fjords around the Svalbard islands at 79° north, just over 1000 kilometres from the North Pole.

Elegance in glass and wood

Presented in an award-winning glass bottle, Svalbarði is a gift in its own right.

Luxury bottled water for special moments

Perfect complement to your upscale dining experience.

Hand selected with utmost care about the environment

The ice has been preserved inside the center of the glacier until being released into the sea and requires no chemical treatment. It has the fresh taste of snow in air that fell before modern pollution.

I think it's a great water. I really love the taste. It's very very smooth.

Martin Riese
Water Sommelier

Given its lightness, Svalbarði blends ideally with a soft, suave wine with a moderate alcoholic level.

Jessica Altieri
Wine and Water Sommelier