Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water

Blue Ice Edition

Celebrating the beautiful array of rich blue ice in Wahlenbergbreen

Svalbarði's latest ice gathering expedition took us to the bay in front of Wahlenbergbreen, a glacier at 78° north that has surged forward in recent years. Svalbarði environmental advisor Heïdi Sevestre is a glaciologist who spent years studying "Big Wally" in the field to determine how and why it moves. The specifics of the local geology, ice movement, and rich seas mean the ice both onshore and offshore takes on a dazzling array of blue shades.

Each bottle of the Blue Ice Edition donates €5 to Climate Sentinels

With every Blue Ice Edition bottle purchased on our website, €5 will be donated to support the April 2021 Climate Sentinels research expedition across Svalbard. Five female scientists and explorers will undertake a 450km carbon neutral ski journey. They will collect snow and ice samples along the way to better understand the role of Black Carbon pollution in arctic melting.

As a supporter of the expedition, you will have access to a face-to-face Zoom discussion where expedition members will show and tell more about their mission and take questions. Read more at for details on the project including team member Heïdi Sevestre.

Taste the Arctic 

to Save the Arctic

One of the key reasons Svalbarði exists is to help save our arctic home by financing projects that will help the fight against global warming. Besides for donation to Climate Sentinels with your purchase of the Blue Ice Edition, every bottle sold is also carbon negative such that you are saving 100kg of the North Pole ice cap from melting by supporting CO2 reducing projects.

To date that has included a project to provide access to improved water infrastructure for small rural communities in Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, and Eritrea. The project eliminates the need to boil water with fossil fuels and limited wood by providing boreholes to more easily access clean water. This prevents both CO2 emissions and deforestation.