The Water

Pristine ice, locked up for millennia and fresh as the day it fell as snow, is gathered during its brief few months of life before it melts away forever in Svalbard's arctic waters. Bottled at 78° north, it becomes Svalbarði.

Gathered and bottled in the arctic outpost of Longyearbyen, Svalbarði iceberg water is an exclusive fine water. With no nitrates or pollutants the ultra low-minerality makes for a light mouthfeel, with a slight bite and sweetness. Svalbarði is an experience for the palate, much like a fine wine. With a unique terroir, our pure water is also the perfect accompaniment to pair with delicate dishes, chocolates or beverages to enhance flavours.

Iceberg waters are some of the rarest in the world due to the difficulty of gathering this arctic water. Svalbarði is the world's northernmost bottled water and was recognised by the Fine Water Society as the world's best tasting super low mineral water.

Svalbarði’s Source

Icebergs freshly calved into the fjords around Svalbard, from the glaciers that cover 60% of the archipelago just 1000 kilometres from the North Pole. This is the source for Svalbarði’s pure water.

Svalbard's glaciers release approximately 5 billion cubic metres of icebergs into the sea every year. We head out for anywhere from 1 to 7 days to find the perfect ice. The icebergs need to be from the most protected inner part of the glacier. The presence of ancient air bubbles, which make a crackling sound as they melt, is a key sign that the right pre-industrial era iceberg has been found. The source ice can be up to 4000 years old and requires no chemical treatment.

The iceberg must then be carefully lifted out of the arctic water. This is hazardous work. Rough seas can threaten to crash tonnes of ice against the Ulla Rinman, our gathering vessel. Calving glaciers can shoot pieces of ice hundreds of metres.

Designer Glass Bottle

Presented in an award-winning glass bottle, Svalbarði is a gift in its own right.

A rare glass bottled water, brought to you with great effort from the top of the world, Svalbarði is beautifully packaged and suitable for display. The unique, designer water bottle is distinct from that of all other premium beverages.

The bottle reflects Svalbarði's provenance. The highest quality extra flint glass expresses the clarity of ancient ice. The blue-green band symbolizes the glacier face where ancient ice transitions to a newborn iceberg. Clean lines express Svalbard's modern scientific role and reflect the purity of its contents.


The wooden cap represents the precious arctic driftwood which dots Svalbard's shores. It is carved with care in Spain by specialist wood packaging producer Pujolasos and made only from certified sustainable forests.

Svalbarði is amongst the pioneers of designer water bottles, taking care to reflect the ethos, values and passion that guide us to create our unique glass bottled water. The perfect gift, Svalbarði’s glass bottle is entirely reusable and fully recyclable as we continuously seek to heal our fragile environment.


The Svalbarði designer water bottle is transported and presented in a custom designed, award-winning gift tube. Emphasising the journey of the water, each tube is created to enhance its contents, as would a fine champagne or liqueur. It also acts to effectively protect the bottle on its journey from Svalbard to you. Beautifully wrapped, Svalbarði is the ideal gift to present at any special occasion.


Svalbarði incorporates a unique security system using France's Prooftag to ensure your bottle is authentic and has not been tampered with. Ordinarily utilised for fine wines, the Bubble Tag implements multiple security features. A randomly generated bubble pattern unique to each bottle. A serial number unique to each bottle. A tamper-proof metallic seal. Any attempt to remove will reveal a checker pattern and/or a break.

The authenticity of your individual bottle can be checked here or by scanning the QR code on the bottle. Upon entering the bottle's serial number at the link, you will be shown a series of bubble patterns in order to identify yours.

Epicurean Refinement

Svalbarði is a gourmet water in the fine water category

"Water is the new wine" has become a common refrain in recent years, as the search for the best natural bottled waters gains momentum. Fine waters are now recognised for their varying tastes and presentations, as luxury dining offers a new alternative to alcohol in the world of food pairings.

Svalbarði is best appreciated chilled to no more than 12°C in order to fully enjoy its epicurean subtleties. The mouthfeel is exceptionally smooth, with a slight bite and sweetness. Its near-zero mineral level makes it a fine accompaniment to delicate dishes where other waters would interfere with taste. Following intensely flavoured dishes, it serves as an excellent hydrating palate-cleanser so the next course can be properly enjoyed. Perfectly paired with smoked salmon, caviar and lobster,  Svalbarði can also be enjoyed with the flavours of foie gras and choice meats. Experiment with gourmet cuisine to discover your food pairing of choice.

Fine Water Characteristics

Source: Iceberg
Origin: Svalbard archipelago
Balance (carbonation): Still
Virginality (nitrates, source protection): Superior - less than 1 mg/l
Minerality (tds): Super low - 21
Orientation (pH): 6
Hardness (Ca & Mg): Very soft - less than 1 mg/l
Vintage (age): Up to 4000 years

For an alternative experience, Svalbarði may be chilled with ice made from Svalbarði itself in order to enjoy it as if fresh from its iceberg in the polar fjords. Add Svalbarði ice to beverages best served chilled; the near-zero mineral content of the pure bottled water ensures the most delicate wine or spirit remains untainted, while cocktail ingredients are enhanced.