Svalbardi Iceberg Water Bottle and Ice Gathering Ship Svalbardi Iceberg Water Bottle and Ice Gathering Ship
Taste the Arctic
to Save the Arctic
Ultra-premium iceberg water from Svalbard helping fight climate change

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Svalbarði is an award winning ultra-low mineral, superior purity, still Arctic iceberg water

The world's northernmost bottled water from 78° north

Pristine ice, locked up for millennia fresh as the day it fell as snow. Gathered during its brief few days of life before it can melt away in Svalbard's arctic waters.

Luxurious gift

Svalbarði is an exclusive pure iceberg water for true connoisseurs and those who appreciate elegant design

Individually gathered

Svalbarði icebergs naturally calve from glaciers into the fjords of Svalbard, just 1000 kilometres from the North Pole 

Carbon negative

Svalbarði goes beyond our Carbon Neutral certification, gathering ice sustainably while helping save the Arctic

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Svalbarði helps the fragile Arctic environment

Every bottle of Svalbarði sold finances CO2-reducing projects sufficient to save 100kg of the arctic ice cap