Epicurean Refinement

Svalbarði is a gourmet water in the fine water category

"Water is the new wine" has become a common refrain in recent years, as the search for the best and purest bottled water gains momentum. Fine waters are now recognised for their varying tastes and presentations, as luxury dining offers a new alternative to alcohol.

The understanding of water's terroir and interaction with other fine foods, beverages, and chocolates is growing. Svalbarði stands at the forefront of this trend with its rare iceberg source, light as air taste, and exceptional design. Diners can enjoy learning more about the fine water’s unique qualities from their water sommelier.

Svalbarði is best appreciated chilled to no more than 12°C in order to fully enjoy its epicurean subtleties. The mouthfeel is exceptionally smooth, with a slight bite and sweetness. It is a fine accompaniment to delicate dishes where other waters would interfere with taste. Following intensely flavoured dishes, it serves as an excellent hydrating palate-cleanser so the next course can be properly enjoyed.

For an alternative experience, Svalbarði may be chilled with ice made from Svalbarði itself in order to enjoy it as if fresh from its iceberg in the polar fjords. Add Svalbarði ice to beverages best served chilled; the near-zero mineral content of the pure bottled water ensures drink flavours remain untainted.

Svalbarði utilises Fine Water principles to describe its epicurean qualities. These have been developed by Michael Mascha, the creator of FineWaters.com, a website that serves water connoisseurs. Fine Water concepts help the consumer appreciate what makes a given Fine Water unique. This relates to the taste and drinking experience, and to an appreciation of the source and its terroir.

Fine Water Characteristics

Source Iceberg
Origin Svalbard archipelago
Balance (carbonation) Still
Virginality (nitrates, source protection)  Superior - less than 1mg/l
Minerality (tds) Super low - 21
Orientation (pH) 6
Hardness (Ca & Mg) Very soft - less than Amg/l
Vintage (age) Up to 4000 years

The two qualities which most impact on water taste are the amount of minerals - measured in TDS (total dissolved solids in milligrams per litre) - and the level of carbonation. The lower the mineral level and carbonation, the crisper the taste and the less interference with flavours of paired foods and beverages. Thanks to its arctic iceberg source and terroir, Svalbarði is ranked the best water in the world on this light end of the Fine Water spectrum.

Svalbarði is personalized luxury for all of life's occasions. It is an ideal gift: the elegant glass bottle is designed with beauty in mind and is filled locally to support Svalbard’s community; the bottle’s special packaging emphasises the significance of the product, like a bottle of fine champagne or liqueur; and the water’s journey from glacier to glass is a welcomed anecdote at events, such as corporate celebrations, weddings, and birthdays. Svalbarði is a sophisticated alternative to alcohol, and enriches culinary experiences.