Top 10 celebrity bottled waters

Celebrity A-listers have repeatedly expressed their love for life's most rudimentary liquid - water. Many celebrity elites participate in charity events to make clean water accessible and some pose publicly with their preferred types of water in paparazzi shots, on the catwalk, and in their Instagram feeds.

Some even swear their biggest beauty secret is simply drinking enough H2O and staying hydrated. From the mystical to the ordinary, here are 10 waters which - for better or for worse - have caught the eye of the rich and famous.

1. VOSS water

VOSS Water is sourced from Iveland, a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway (where it runs from the tap), and comes in a sleek cylindrical container you have likely seen. The brand is well known among stars as evidenced by when Kim Kardashian showed off five of her refrigerators with one fully dedicated to VOSS.

Photo: VOSS Water

The bottle has also shown up on multiple movie screens and on high profile celebrities' social media. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson even signed a brand ambassador contract with VOSS in 2019 saying he's been hydrating with the brand for years on set, in his "Iron Paradise" (i.e., his home gym), and with family and friends. The price for a 500ml bottle is usually around a couple dollars.

2. Flow Water

Flow water is an alkaline brand packaged in recyclable paperboard. They sell both flavoured and non-flavoured varieties and focus on both sustainable packaging and health benefits. Stars such as Kim Kardashian and Shawn Mendes have been seen drinking it, with Kardashian even showing off her big stock of Flow on her Instagram account.

Photo: Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Gwyneth Paltrow became the brand's official spokesperson in 2019, promoting the £2.45 per litre bottle that 'supports your wellness with healthy minerals and electrolytes'. Celebrities seem to be particularly fond of waters with additional health claims.

3. Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water

Svalbarði has also gotten a bit of attention in Hollywood. The unexpected pricing of such a hard to obtain and elegantly bottled water has been discussed on both Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, though we'd like to offer them both a chance not just to see and taste but to understand how Svalbarði is helping to save the Arctic.

ellen celebrity water
Photo: Snapshot from Ellen DeGeneres Show

The luxury water has also made its appearance on screen. For example in the third season of the BBC series Fortitude and in the popular Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron. On the Netflix series you could spot the bottle and signature gift tube in the second episode where Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, and Darin Olien sat down for an exclusive water tasting with Los Angeles water sommelier Martin Riese. Not all the waters in the tasting were shown in the final edit, but we were told that they loved Svalbarði.

Photo: Snapshot from Netflix

There are media rumours that other A-listers enjoy this pricey iceberg water from the Arctic, though we have not been able to confirm yet. And while we cannot reveal private details, several among the rich and famous have ordered for themselves directly from our Svalbarði webshop.

water tasting like the celebrities

4. Bling H20

The Bling brand was created by Hollywood writer and producer Kevin G. Boyd. He had noticed how actors would be very specific in their water choices and even include riders in their contracts demanding supplies of specific brands. In the pop culture world where status symbols were everything, Boyd saw an opportunity to introduce a luxury water that would appeal to image-conscious celebrities. At an average $44 a bottle, it gained quite a bit of attention when it debuted in 2006.

Endorsed by celebrity elites such as Paris Hilton and Gabrielle Union, Bling H2O positions itself as a product to emulate their lifestyle. Paris Hilton has been photographed with the luxury bottle multiple times and seems to love it.

Photo: Pinterest

Known for its extravagant water bottles covered in Swarovski crystals, Bling H2O also created a special edition with Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx back in 2006. Since then, it has been known as a true celebrity water.

5. Fiji water

Fiji Water is reputed to be the favourite of many Hollywood stars including Nicole Kidman and Justin Timberlake. And according to the Daily Mail, even former US president Barack Obama. Kelly Rowland is also a fan, stating that "The only thing I really love is Fiji water. That's like the only crazy request. I don't like any other water."

The Huffington Post also revealed Mary J. Blige's contract rider includes a clause requiring a supply of 10 bottles of Fiji water at room temperature in her dressing room. Maybe her impressive vocal skills are due to drinking the brand while on tour?

Photos: OntheASide

Good Wife actor Alan Cumming, Glee-star Lea Michele, and artist Mandy Moore have all been photographed drinking Fiji on the red carpet. With these and many other stars on board with the brand, the iconic Fiji bottle is a true celebrity water in our opinion.

6. No.1 Rosemary Water

Superman actor Henry Cavill has partnered with the producers of No.1 Rosemary Water to promote the brand. In fact, the English A-lister loved the water so much that he splashed out an undisclosed sum for a stake in the company.

No. 1 Rosemary Water is a natural spring water with botanical extracts, bringing the unique flavour of rosemary into a bottled water for the first time. This power-packed herb has long been praised for its health-enhancing properties.

Unfortunately, the brand did go a bit overboard in its health claims and gained some unwanted media attention when UK regulatory authorities blocked several of their advertisements for misleading health claims. Despite that unfortunate incident, the brand garners generally high praise and now their carbonated version, introduced in 2017, is sold in over 1,500 outlets in the UK alone.

7. San Pellegrino

Guns N’ Roses, the renowned US hard rock band, are reportedly huge fans of mass market Italian water brand San Pelligrino. Amongst the bottles of wine and packs of beer they bring on tour, they always bring San Pellegrino water.

Photo: Freddie Baez
When you're Madonna's daughter, ordinary water also won't do. The 20-year-old Lourdes Leon has been seen carrying a large bottle of San Pellegrino. American Pie movie star Jason Biggs has also been photographed carrying the mineral water in Los Angeles.

8. Evian

Mass-market French premium mineral water Evian is another popular choice for the American elite. Gigi Hadid and AC-DC are on the list of celebrities who demand the brand. The water is popular for more than just hydrating. Serena Williams raved about Miami Hotel Victor's $5000 'Evian Experience' which includes an Evian bath, saying "I could feel the difference from the moment I stepped in.”

Photo: LuxuryLaunches

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, also known as Lizzo, has mentioned Evian Facial Spray as her favourite beauty secret to stay fresh during stage performances.

9. Kabbalah Water

Moving now into the water hall of shame, bottled Kabbalah water was reportedly a favourite of such celebrities as Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears in the early 2000s. The branded water claimed to be blessed with "high energy and low entropy" by the Kabbalah Centre, an international religious organisation which teaches an interpretation of medieval Jewish mysticism and has numerous celebrity followers. Florida politician Katherine Harris even oversaw a programme that tried to treat diseased orange trees with the water (spoiler alert: it didn't work).

The leaders of the Kabbalah Centre reportedly claimed the water was part of a regimen of practices and "donations" that could heal diseases such as cancer. Not surprisingly, such fraudulent claims led to a criminal investigation and arrest.

Photo: Pan-Arabia Enquirer

Nonetheless, just a few years later in 2008, NBC's Today show reported Madonna was spending $10,000 a month quenching her thirst with Kabbalah Water. The UK's Telegraph newspaper even reported that she requested her swimming pool be filled with it. But, despite the water's clouded record, maybe it has had a placebo effect for some.

celebrity bottled water for the famous

10. Smartwater

Guru-like celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston claim one secret to good health can be found in the vapour-distillation process of Smart Water. The purified Smartwater, owned by the Coca-Cola Company, has used Jennifer Aniston as a spokesperson since 2007.

Photo: Smartwater

With well-known celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Minogue, and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady promoting it, Smartwater has become the most profitable water brand for corporate giant Coca-Cola.

But to be clear, we are firm believers in the superiority of natural waters over factory-processed waters like this. Given a choice of bottled waters, one should always choose those sourced from nature. Smartwater may have star power, but it does not have nature's power.

Honorable mention: UNICEF Celebrity Tap Water

While no longer available, in some ways this is the ultimate celebrity water. In 2011, The Tap Project partnered up with several famous faces to bottle their tap water and help raise money for a special UNICEF project to help 900 million children and adults without access to safe, clean water.

Tap water from Adrian Grenier, Dwight Howard, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Robin Williams was packaged in limited edition designer bottles with the celebrities' portraits etched into the glass. The project encouraged fans to donate $5 for the tap water they usually enjoy for free, and get a chance to win a unique bottle of the stars' own tap water.
water supporting climate project


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