The new Svalbarði gift tubes are here

You may have noticed that since our launch, Svalbarði has only been available without our unique gift tube. We knew when we first began this project that we had something very special to share with the world. We wanted every one who would receive it to know what a gift from nature it is. Our design team at Studio h in London worked hard to produce packaging that would convey this message in addition to the bottle itself. That packaging has now arrived just before the Christmas and New Year holidays and comes with every purchase, whether a single bottle or multiple cases.

gift tubes for water and wine bottles

You will notice one main difference from the product pages in the shop and the actual tube. The shop shows pictures of our initial prototype with a horizontal stripe which has now been changed to vertical. We feel this gives the buyer a better initial view of the key characteristics which make Svalbarði what it is.

Additionally, the gift tube now has a metal bottom and lid, matching the silver foil snowflake pattern which wraps around the entire product. That silver foil pattern reflects Svalbarði's provenance as ancient snowflakes. Those snowflakes fell anywhere from a few hundred to as much as 5000 years ago and were quickly compacted and preserved as ice in glaciers. Eternally fresh, those glaciers formed potentially as far back as China's Xia Dynasty, India's early Indus Valley Civilization, the Egyptian First Dynasty, the Olmec culture of Central America, and the Minoan civilization on Crete.

gift tubes for water and wine bottles

Those glaciers cover 60% of the landmass of Svalbard and march steadily to the sea. Upon reaching the fjords, they calve off, creating freshly born icebergs which will live for only a few weeks to months before melting forever. The mint green color of the tube reflects the color of the fjords from which we gather the icebergs.

arctic gift tubes for water and wine bottles

When drinking Svalbarði, enjoy knowing where it comes from, its story, its terroir. It is more than just a uniquely enjoyable water, it is a rare pleasure to have a portion of Svalbard and the Arctic brought to you. The bottle and the gift tube tell the story, they are worth appreciating and sharing.

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