Svalbarði is online!

We are proud to announce that Svalbarði's expanded website and online store is now up. Browse through to learn more about the Taste of Snow in Air. The iceberg gathering process in the the Arctic fjords. The award winning bottle and cap. Svalbarði's epicurean qualities. The people who have worked hard to bring a piece of Svalbard to you.



Our online store launches with the availability of two-packs or individual 750ml bottles. With the ability to subscribe to receive regular monthly deliveries straight to your home or office globally. Shipping is always by air direct from Svalbard so you receive your bottle fresh from the Arctic.


Gift subscriptions for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months can also be purchased, perfect for the holidays. In the months ahead, our specially designed gift tube will be introduced. Until then, Svalbarði bottles without the tube are available at a special temporary discount of 10%. Further discounts for personal and gift subscriptions are also available. When our gift tubes become available, all those with pre-existing subscriptions will begin receiving them at no additional cost.


Different language versions of our homepage are also available. Including Norwegian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, and Korean. With customers already found around the world, we wish for all to be able to appreciate a taste of Svalbard in their own language.



The environment remains a key focus for Svalbarði as we have experienced an unprecedented period of temperatures as much as 20°C above normal heading into this winter. Worries over global warming are extremely acute as Arctic sea ice is forming later, slower, and with much less coverage than normal. Besides for having certified Carbon Neutral status, we are also helping to mitigate against the dangerous impacts of climate change. A portion of every purchase goes to support the permanent preservation of crucial food crops in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault as a backup against the threat of global warming's damage to agriculture.



Our clients can also look forward in the months ahead to the launch of Svalbarði Membership options. Besides for subscriptions for regular deliveries of Polar Iceberg Water, members will receive additional Svalbard related products, discounted shipping, and increased support to the Global Seed Vault's vital work. Our highest membership level will also include an unforgettable Svalbard experience.


We invite you to explore the new website. Enjoy the video, pictures, and content, and order regular deliveries of the world's best tasting ultra-low mineral water from the icebergs of Svalbard.

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