Svalbarði in Norway's largest food magazine

Norway's largest newspaper Aftenposten also publishes its top food magazine. "Mat fra Norge" or "Food from Norway" has as its name suggests a focus on locally sourced food products. Ahead of the Christmas season they came up to Svalbard to meet with various local food producers, with articles published in the last two editions of the year.

Cover page of the article on Svalbarði showing an iceberg in the archipelago's fjords.

Gourmet in the Dark

Longyearbyen in Svalbard doesn't get as much as a sunbeam in the winter, but many of the city's restaurant kitchens shine in competition with the northern lights. Come on a culinary tour in this little island community.

Svalbarði's founder Jamal Qureshi sat down for a conversation with reporter Ole Magnus Rapp which was published under the title "Selling Water at a Cognac Price". Besides for Svalbarði, they also covered the world's northernmost beer brewer at Svalbard Bryggeri, the world's northernmost chocolatier at Fruene, and Polar Permaculture who produce sustainable microgreens for the local market.

Svalbard is undergoing a rapid economic transformation. The Norwegian government is actively encouraging the creation of environmentally responsible jobs. Their goal is to support a sustainable family-friendly community in Europe's last great wilderness. The growing food production scene would seem unlikely in an arctic desert, yet it is producing a variety of premium eco-friendly goods, with more entrepreneurs regularly emerging.

Some of these producers such as Polar Permaculture help replace carbon-intensive food imports. Others such as Svalbarði provide exports which support the local economy in an eco-friendly manner. In our case, that means utilizing a sustainable natural resource (icebergs which would otherwise melt into the sea within weeks), and offsetting our emissions by supporting carbon reducing projects around the world. And for the consumer, all these products provide top quality food and gifts which are growing in visibility.

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  • Rod Gardin

    I live in the United States. My daughter-in-law had some bread made with yeast from Norway. Can you tell me what kind of yeast that may have been and where I can purchase it?

    Thank you!

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