Svalbarði and Svenningsen Chocolatier

In December Svalbarði received a message from Peter Svenningsen, an award-winning Danish artisanal chocolate maker. Peter specializes in making non-dairy water ganache chocolates and had heard of Svalbarði and its unique characteristics. As with drinks, water is a critical base ingredient for many chocolates and he was eager to see the difference Svalbarði could make.

chocolate made of exclusive water

Cholocate made of exclusive iceberg water.

Two months later and the results are in. Peter has produced an initial batch of Svalbarði foundation chocolates. We'll let him speak for the results himself.

chocolate make from expensive water
Peter Svenningsen, Danish chocolatier

"Working with water for my ganaches, I was really excited to try Svalbarði. For me, it's important to always challenge the elements, and in my case water is one of the big challenges when working with my chocolates. When I opened the bottle, an experience in itself outstanding, the "feel" of the smoothness was brilliant." he says.

"Emulating the water and the chocolate was clearly different, much "harder" due to the clearness of Svalbarði... but the result was way beyond my expectations. The ganache was so light and fresh. Not tried before at all, wow! It almost seems to "evaporate" in the mouth, just smooth and creamy, allowing all emphasis to be on the chocolate and the chocolate experience."
Svalbarði memberships including Svalbarði-based chocolates.
"The piece clearly represents all that I seek when working with my chocolates!

Everybody was amazed by it, people who know me and my work said it was the best piece they had tasted so far in my water ganache series. And I love a good story."

luxury chocolate made from svalbardi premium water
Peter's first batch of Svalbarði-based water ganaches

A special thank you to Peter. And importantly, Svalbarði customers have a new treat to look forward to. Later this year, 2017, we will have subscription packages which will include Peter's Svalbarði chocolates alongside our Polar Iceberg Water.


  • Lee Merry

    Did I win a car or something for sporting it 😂😂😂

  • Lee Merry

    Clever ice burg in my premium chocolate truffles

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