Non-alcoholic beverages for luxury weddings

Whether you are having a completely dry wedding or a free bar, you need a selection of non-alcoholic drink options for your guests. We talked to an experienced wedding planner dealing with luxury weddings. Here are some great tips for alcohol-free beverages perfect for high-end weddings.
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Always offer an alcohol-free alternative to champagne...

Serving alcohol on your big day or planning to have a sober wedding? Weddings often have a high champagne factor with plenty of toasts. Serving your abstaining guests something worthy of the stemware is important to make them feel included when everyone raises their glasses.

...but skip the alcohol-free wine

Wine without alcohol is not very common at luxury weddings in the South of France according to Natalia Langsdale, owner of My Riviera Weddings, who has years of experience with high-end weddings.
"It apparently don't taste very good, but there are many other options for non-alcoholic drinks, like juices and mocktails, that will make your guest feel more appreciated" she says. "By putting some effort in to the non-alcoholic options you will enhance the overall experience for your guests." Keep reading for tips on how to maintain the "cheers" factor in your wedding, without alcohol!
luxury wedding ideas for alcohol-free drinks sober wedding
Natalia Langsdale, Luxury Wedding Expert

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Soft drink ideas for an elegant wedding

The usual classic mixers are Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Sprite, and tonic, according to Natalia. But when you don't aim for your big day to be "usual" you should probably rethink the soft drinks selection. Here are some non-alcoholic tips that will help you achieve a higher standard for your sober wedding.

non-alcoholic beverages for luxury sober weddings
Sparkling flowers
With unique and exotic flavours you can give your guests a pleasant surprise. The soda brand The Tapping Tapir make sparkling flower sodas in elegant glass bottles.

soft drink ideas for luxury weddings
Tonic waters & mixers
Ideal if you don't have a sober wedding, but are simply looking for inspiring non-alcoholic options. Tonic waters from Fever-Tree can never go wrong in a wedding as they can be used for mocktails, cocktails or enjoyed as is.

sober wedding drink options soft drinks
Sodas with eco-friendly packaging.
Go bubbly with eco-friendly packaging. We recommend glass bottles as they look better on the table, feel more exclusive and are fully recyclable. An example is Three Cents sodas which come in a range of exotic flavours.

luxury wedding ideas for alcohol-free drinks
Rustic "fizz" soft drinks
A blend of herbs, tea and bubbles will stand out to your guests.
Try Trussings Craft Fizz in its classic bottles, perfect for a rustic wedding.

If you go with any of these non-alcoholic soft drinks your guests will definitely not miss cola or champagne during the evening. Check online or drop by your local delicatessen store to find other soft drinks that stand out while at the same time blending in perfectly.

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premium water for premium events

Premium water - an important detail for a luxury wedding

For an exceptional wedding reception even the water is considered an important detail as everyone will drink it at some point. So don't make the mistake of neglecting the importance of which water to serve on your wedding day.

Premium water is gaining in popularity as a non-alcoholic alternative and as a "cherry on top" detail for luxury weddings. Fine water will highlight the gourmet food, tell a story and give your guests a complete experience.

There should be both still and sparkling water present at your wedding reception. Go for a still water with low minerality to pair with the food and a sparkling water with a higher mineral level as a contrast.

premium water for luxury weddings
Premium still water for luxury weddings
Enjoyed by itself, or paired with the finest gourmet wedding menus, Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water provides a superior still tasting experience. Where other waters would overshadow the elusive notes of flavour in subtler dishes, Svalbarði highlights them. As one of the world's most exclusive waters, you will be sure to impress your guests. The bottle has won multiple awards for its design and will bring a touch of luxury to your wedding.

premium water for luxury weddings

Sparkling water to contrast wedding menu
As for the sparkling water, go for a medium-high mineral level to compliment the still water and bring some contrast to the dessert and wedding cake. We suggest Antipodes carbonated water, which has the perfect balance of minerals and a unique bottle design that will discreetly pop in your elegant wedding.


custom made premium water for weddings

Custom-made premium water for the ultimate bridezilla
If all you are reaching for is pure uniqueness and are ready to pay up - check out Gota sparkling premium water with customized bottles. A high-quality water where you can design your own beautiful water bottles to perfectly fit your wedding theme.

Flavoured water
Waters with natural flavours like orange, mint, cucumber or blueberries are gaining popularity, but factory added flavours will bring down the exclusivity. Select a premium still water and add fresh fruit to the water yourself. Spicing up the water provides that extra touch and gives your guest that luxurious feeling associated with spas and luxury hotel buffets.

luxury wedding ideas for alcohol-free drinks

Premium water brings responsible elegance to the wedding
Whether you are looking for a sophisticated alternative to alcohol, a centerpiece that is in line with the elegance of your wedding day, or a unique and timeless gift for your guests to bring home, Svalbarði is the luxury wedding water that best rises to the occasion.

Svalbarði is carbon negative, helping fight climate change with every bottle sold. And the elegant, reusable, and recyclable bottles are made from the finest glass and sustainably produced wood. All reflecting Svalbarði's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility that your wedding can reflect.

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Fruit juice ideas for high-end weddings

Wedding planner Natalia says serving juices at a luxury wedding is a good idea, and she have seen a rise in innovative offerings such as freshly pressed juices and extracts. With a range of fruits and flavours to choose from there's no need to go for the boring choice of apple/orange. Anything from apricot, pineapple and strawberry to litchi, cherry and mango can bring freshness to the table.

However, stay away from supermarket concentrate with added sugar, a big no-no if you aim for a high-quality wedding menu.

juice bar for luxury wedding

Freshly made juice is always a winner
The best option is to have the staff freshly squeeze the fruit at your wedding location and serve in transparent carafes. Go for local organic fruit with richer taste and sustainable production. Every time you buy organic you're persuading more farmers to grow organic.

Refreshment station for the guests to enjoy
Create a refreshment station where guests can enjoy bowls filled with delicious fruit. Play with colours and flavours by mixing different fruits to suit your personality and wedding theme. And it doesn't have to be all fruits! Experiment with herbs, olives, cucumbers and tomatoes.

luxury wedding ideas for alcohol-free drinks

Juice pairing - a gourmet experience for high-end weddings
Offering a juice pairing that's matched to the menu as the non-alcoholic alternative to a wine pairing or for all your guests at a sober wedding. Offering an alcohol-free drink pairing will give your guests an incredible gourmet experience that enhances the whole meal, so ask your chef to put together a well-planned juice selection fit for each course.

Ready-to-serve organic bottled juice
If freshly made juice is not an option, skip the boring apple juice and go for something more delicate and trendy. Look for organic brands with original flavours that can fit your table decorations.

juice options for luxury weddings
Try for example Atlelier Patrick Font nectar which comes in any fruity shade you want.
luxury wedding ideas for alcohol-free drinks
The German brand Pona has sparkling juices made of 60% organic juice.
non-alcoholic beverages for luxury weddings
Still not sure? Fentimans old-fashioned lemonades are always a winner.

soft drink ideas for luxury weddings

Cold brew tea and kombucha for a trendy wedding

Cold brew tea is a great alcohol-free beverage to serve in a wedding if you are looking for something trendy with an edge. Kombucha is really gaining popularity for its health benefits as a probiotic.They come in delicious flavours and really stand out from the beverage selection of sodas and juices.

twigs cold brew tea for luxury weddings
The premium cold brew tea from Twig exists to impress and fits very well with a edgy, modern wedding theme.
luxury wedding ideas for alcohol-free drinks
Gypsy Elexir Kombucha from TheRawKitchen is amazing and will go perfectly with a rustic, shabby chic wedding theme.

Mocktails: alcohol-free cocktails to set the mood

Mocktails are super popular and a must for elegant weddings. If you serve cocktails with alcohol, a selection of 3-5 non-alcoholic drinks will make sure every guest feels appreciated. Remember to pick mocktails with a variety in flavours from sweet to bitter to sour. Use elegant signage and let the guests choose their drink of preference.

alcoholfree drink ideas for luxury weddings

"Sometimes there is an additional cocktail bar set up also serving non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic cocktails. My favourite is The Caravan Concept’s vintage offering - an all-time favourite," wedding planner Natalia says.

easy mocktail ideas for luxury weddings

If you want the guests to have unlimited drinks without any queue, a great idea is to have the non-alcoholic drinks ready in stylish carafes. If you make moctails in advance use recipes without carbonation, and remember the garnish.

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premium waters for premium sober weddings

Final details to impress your sober guests

Having an outline of your dream wedding will make it easier to chose what kind of drinks you will serve to make your wedding memorable.

Match the beverages to the wedding menu
Talk to a chef to get proper help in pairing drinks with your menu to give the guest the best possible gourmet experience.

Freeze and drink
Get elements from the dessert or wedding bouquet into the beverages with ice cubes. Freeze fruit, berries and edible flowers into ice cubes for water and soft drinks. Use ice cubes with roses inside to cool down the alcohol-free beverages.

impress your guest with alcoholfree beverages

Stick to glass bottles or carafes
Keep in mind that the soft drinks are often placed on the table for the guests to help themselves. Plastic bottles will not look right, no matter your theme or décor, and are harmful to the environment.

Edible flowers will make any drink pop
An easy, but brilliant, way to match beverages to your theme is using the same or similar flowers from your decorations to put in the drinks, punch bowl or platter.

eadible flowers for luxury weddings luxury wedding ideas for alcohol-free drinks

Always use fine stemware
Your choice of glassware is very important for the overall appearance. Any drink will taste better in a proper glass. Many feel that they are neglected if they choose not to drink alcohol, as they often get served in a random glass such as a milk glass or tumbler. Even water should be served in fine stemware in a luxurious wedding.

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Plenty of alcohol-free options for sober weddings

We have given you some great alcohol-free options for a sober wedding, but even if you chose to serve alcohol, there should always be plenty of non-alcoholic beverage options for your guests. We encourage you to think outside the box, as you can definitely have a high-end luxury wedding without alcohol.

wedding alcoholfree drinks

Photo of Natalia from My Riviera Weddings

Find drinks that are inline with your theme and pay attention to sustainable packaging. To make an impact on your guests, dear to try new flavours and ask your chef to help pairing drinks with the courses. Pay attention to the smaller details, such as the water. By choosing luxury water, you will come a long way in establishing that elegant vibe for your wedding.

If you need help planning and choosing drink options for your luxury wedding, check out to get excellent help from wedding planner Natalia.

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