From Crystal Icebergs to Crystal Glasses

Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water arrived in Monaco with class and sophistication on Tuesday the 2nd of March, delighting guests at an exclusive Boucheron presentation event with its crisp and refreshing taste. The glamorous event was held in conjunction with the Vivanova networking club at the Boucheron Pavilion, opposite the Casino de Monte-Carlo and the Hotel de Paris. All eyes turned to Svalbarði at this glitzy affair.
pure water bourcher crystal svalbardi monaco

The members-only, intimate event welcomed 24 Monegasque residents, who were introduced to fine Boucheron jewellery, watches and other luxury brands, such as Louis Roederer, Sabrina Monte-Carlo and, of course, Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water. Craftsmanship and unreserved quality were the main orders of the day, as Madame Maria Bensaoucha, the Boutique Manager at Boucheron, presented the celebrated jewellery brand.

Club Vivanova’s Founder, Bradley Mitton, then presented our high-end drinking water and spoke at length about the product’s fascinating gathering process. The event’s guests were then able to taste the water’s superior quality for themselves, served by Mr Mitton and Jonathan Ghenassia, Head Jeweller at Boucheron, in Baccarat crystal glassware from Sabrina Monte Carlo.

polar drinking water svalbardi boucheron monaco

It seems that the palate of Monaco was well and truly quenched by the superior quality of Svalbarði; guests showed great interest in the water, despite the alluring array of luxury brands to discover. Svalbarði representatives were in attendance to answer questions from interested attendees. There was a buzz of excitement around the chic presentation case, the refreshing taste of the water and the innovative design of the bottle itself, which certainly looked at home in the elegant jewellery shop.

The event was a great success for Svalbarði and opened an avenue of networking opportunities in one of the most glamorous settings in the world. Club Vivanova was instrumental in Svalbarði’s introduction to Monaco: the luxury lifestyle club provided an excellent opportunity to fill glasses. We very much look forward to nurturing a relationship with Club Vivanova at upcoming luxury events, which will include an exclusive Sunseeker superyacht party and a meal at the prestigious Chevre d’Or in Eze.

polar drinking water svalbardi boucheron monaco

From crystal icebergs to crystal glasses, Svalbarði has travelled a great distance to launch in the dazzling Principality of Monaco. We raise a glass of our crisp polar iceberg water to what the future may bring.

Svalbarði will soon be available to purchase in Monaco. For the meantime, however, our Arctic drinking water is available to buy here.

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