Limited Dark Season Edition, Single Bottle - Free Shipping


An individual 750ml bottle our limited Dark Season Edition, available in blue or black. Our crew on the M/S Ulla Rinman was able to gather only two icebergs in snowstorm conditions during the 24/7 polar night. From the seas in front of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier front at 78° north.

The dark blue label reflects the slight amount of dim light from under the horizon that was available for just a couple hours during our journey. The black label reflects the pitch black that prevailed for the rest of our journey and 24/7 during the core months of mørketid - the polar night or dark season.

As with our Kongsfjorden white label edition, the bottle is made from the highest quality extra flint glass and is recyclable. The wooden cap in the color of arctic driftwood is sourced from sustainable forests.

Dark Season Journey

This special edition bottle represents the fruits of a task Svalbarði did not know was possible until tried. From late October until February the sun does not rise in Svalbard. In the pitch black of the mørketid (dark season), gathering icebergs from the arctic fjords is extremely risky.

We decided to take the chance. Local glaciologists and ship captains who had been out recently provided advice on the most likely places to find icebergs. On a dark November day we set out early in our ice-gathering vessel the M/S Ulla Rinman into Isfjorden at 78° north.

Conditions were windy and snowy with visibility of less than 50 metres. The task was arduous, but we managed to gather two icebergs before conditions forced us to return home. We bring you the light as snow water from those icebergs in these Dark Season special edition bottles.

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