New Svalbarði bear in our pack

new marketing manager

We are happy to announce that we have a new Marketing Director joining our team. Our company is growing and with our expanded team we will be able to go further in bringing Svalbarði to the world. Say hello to Marie Husøy.

Marie has a degree in international marketing from the BI business school in Norway and graduated at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Since then she has worked as head of marketing at an IT firm in Bergen, Norway. She moved up to Svalbard in July and was excited to try Svalbarði iceberg water for her first time.

new marketing manager

Not impressed by tap water

"When I first tried the tap water in town, it was so dense and earthy. I crossed my fingers that Svalbarði iceberg water would be nothing like it. And of course, it wasn't, as it's from a completely different source. The iceberg water was such a surprising delight!"

The experience of new flavours becomes even greater when sharing it with someone you love, she says. In Singapore, she was a board member of NTU Wine Society, where she hosted wine tasting sessions for students. 

"Enjoying food and drinks with friends and family is a big part of who I am. When I travel, I eat myself across the country on a mission to discover the very best dishes. I am a sucker for spicy food, she admits."

Besides food and beverage, she enjoys travelling and having an active lifestyle.

new marketing manager

Svalbard, nothing like "home" 

Why were you excited to move to Svalbard?

"I needed a change in my life and moving up here was a dream come true. I get to experience a truly unique landscape and climate. That the climate here is changing so fast and the polar bears may disappear by 2100 if nothing is done is a scary thought. I needed to experience the true Svalbard while there is still a chance to save it. That Svalbarði is working to fight climate change and save Svalbard is something I was eager to take part in. This was really a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, both personally and professionally."

How has it been living in Longyearbyen so far?

"Even though I come from a small island south of Bergen with even fewer inhabitants, this is nothing like it. This town is so quiet and peaceful, the people are never in a rush and nature is just breathtaking. The locals are very open, welcoming, and casual - you always have an open invitation. I love it."

new marketing manager

What are your plans for Svalbarði Iceberg water?

"I will work on bringing more attention to this unique brand so people can experience how Svalbarði is so much more than just water. Bringing a taste of Europe's last true wilderness to the world, while making a difference to save our home from climate change, is so important. It can be a real eye-opener for people. But for that to happen we have to educate and let them know we exist.

I also want to take part in building the new fine waters market. We have to work closely with distributors, ambassadors, suppliers, and even competitors to come up with the best ideas to bring attention to this relatively new market. Working strategically together, we can completely change the perception of water and how to enjoy it. By bringing awareness of many different natural waters, and not only our brand, we can create a bigger pie and open new doors, as people start to realize how exciting water can be."

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Marie will be in charge of our social media channels, provide partners with relevant marketing material and resources, manage key accounts, and create fresh content for our blog.

If you wish to connect with our new marketing director, you can reach out to us at

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