Celebrating World Environment Day On Svalbard

Celebrating World Environment Day On Svalbard
Monday was World Environment Day and this year's theme is all about connecting people to nature. As being in nature is in the very DNA of Svalbard's residents going back centuries, we feel the importance of the connection to nature very personally. This video from Norwegian outdoor clothing producer Norrøna gives a view of the Svalbard  outdoor life.
Svalbarði encourages you to get outdoors and appreciate the beauty of our planet. The Svalbard and arctic way of life brings us outdoors on a daily basis marveling at stunning landscapes and wildlife. As the Norwegian saying goes, "ut på tur, aldri sur". Meaning when one is outside walking or hiking, one is never unhappy.
Communicating the importance of protecting the polar environment for future generations is at the heart of everything we do at Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water. We try to inform and educate about the challenges of climate change and in each bottle of Svalbarði we bring a small piece of the Arctic which would otherwise contribute to rising sea levels to fine dining tables around the world.
Svalbard Arctic Mountains Glacier Snow Ice
Support World Environment Day and post your images of icebergs and the Arctic at #worldenvironmentday and #svalbardi  And a very special thanks to Jason Roberts Productions for sharing the beautiful images of Svalbard in this post. 

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